KaMOShibai stories on sustainable development

MOS has developed several kaMOShibai stories for nursery and primary school kids. This form of storytelling originated in Japan.

  • You can print the stories: A3, in color, recto verso
  • You can show the stories on the electronic school board: show the images and use the freeze button while reading to the kids

In addition to the stories MOS develops practical guides that suggest how to use the stories in the classroom. (under construction)

KaMOShibai Title Page Topic

Terra is ill

pdf bestandTerra is ill.pdf (2.14 MB)

pdf bestandTerra est malade.pdf (2.12 MB)

pdf bestandTerra está enferma.pdf (2.12 MB)

pdf bestandTerra ist krank.pdf (2.15 MB)

pdf bestandTerra is ziek.pdf (2.02 MB)

personage zon en personage aarde met smeltend ijs

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Climate change

Giant Colossus is really upset

pdf bestandGiant Colossus.pdf (2.44 MB)

pdf bestandGervais le Géant se met en colere.pdf (2.47 MB)

pdf bestandReus Gommaar is boos.pdf (2.26 MB)


personage met windmolen als hoofd

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Renewable energy, wind mills

Ant has got a Problem

pdf bestandAnt has got a problem.pdf (1.59 MB)

pdf bestandFourmi a un problème.pdf (1.59 MB)

pdf bestandMier heeft een probleem.pdf (1.78 MB)


mier en een grote kers

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Working together and sharing

Ant meets Earthworm

pdf bestandAnt meets Earthworm.pdf (2.9 MB)

pdf bestandFourmi rencontre Ver.pdf (2.89 MB)

pdf bestandMier ontmoet Worm.pdf (2.94 MB)


mier en hoopje aarde dat omhoog geduwd wordt

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Soil pollution

Pineapple Ship

pdf bestandPineapple Ship.pdf (2.13 MB)

pdf bestandLe bateau aux ananas.pdf (2.11 MB)

pdf bestandDe ananasboot.pdf (2.08 MB)


personage ligt temidden van berg ananas

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Sustainable food

Dylan shares

pdf bestandDylan shares.pdf (2.49 MB)

pdf bestandDylan partage.pdf (2.93 MB)

pdf bestandDylan deelt.pdf (2.36 MB)


Dylan is boos

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Sustainable economy


pdf bestandAlida Engels.pdf (2.88 MB)

pdf bestandAlida Frans.pdf (2.88 MB)

pdf bestandAlida.pdf (2.78 MB)


meisje Alida met warme sjaal

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The King's smallest Room

pdf bestandThe king’s smallest room.pdf (1.53 MB)

pdf bestandLe petit endroit du roi.pdf (1.56 MB)

pdf bestandHet kleine kamertje van de koning.pdf (1.55 MB)

KaMOShi practical guide to the story


tekening van haas die bij toilet met gezicht staat

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Using water sparingly

Zack's Journey

pdf bestandZack's journey.pdf (3.54 MB)

pdf bestandZack part en voyage.pdf (3.56 MB)

pdf bestandZack gaat op reis.pdf (3.53 MB)


plastic zak dobbert tussen de vissen in de zee

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Plastic Soup

Red the Lunchbox

pdf bestandRed the Lunchbox.pdf (1.95 MB)

pdf bestandRed de broodddoos.pdf (7.79 MB)


brooddoos, paprika, brood, peer, tomaat

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Use of a lunchbox

Tree looking for School

pdf bestandTree looking for school.pdf (3.06 MB)

pdf bestandArbre recherche école.pdf (2.8 MB)

pdf bestandBoom zkt School.pdf (3.36 MB)


Pagina's van Boom zkt School

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Green playgrounds

Leon (only available in Dutch)

pdf bestandLeon.pdf (2.12 MB)


Leon kijkt uit het raam

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Soly en Bie (only available in Dutch)

pdf bestandsoly-en-bie.pdf (7.67 MB)


twee vliesvleugeligen

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Bees, wasps, flies ...